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Here are some common questions we receive from bakers everywhere. We hope our responses are helpful.

What is the difference between baker's yeast and baking powder?

Baker’s yeast is of natural origin and made up of living elements. Due to its fermenting power, it is used for making bread and beer.


On the other hand, baking powder is made up of sodium bicarbonate, potassium bitartrate and cornstarch. Used for baking cakes, it causes a chemical reaction instead of fermenting.

Why is yeast needed when making bread?

Yeast is an essential ingredient for producing bread as it gives life to the dough.


During fermentation, the yeast consumes sugars in the dough and produces carbon dioxide that gives the bread volume.


This creates the honeycomb appearance of the crumb and develops the dough’s aroma. Fermentation is activated by heat and ends during baking when the temperature reaches 50°C (122°F).

What impact does yeast have on the taste of bread?

The aroma and flavour of bread is developed throughout the baking process, particularly during the fermentation and cooking stages and to a lesser extent during the mixing process.


Yeast gives the bread its aromatic characteristics, where it enables specific aromatic notes to develop according to the baking ingredients and baking process. These aromatic notes comprise more than 540 aromatic molecules. 


Yeasts also play an important role in the colour and texture of bread crust.

Is Saf-instant™ yeast natural?

Yeast is a living organism that exists naturally in our world. 


While there are different species of yeasts in the wild, the Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain has been identified to be ideal for bread-making.


This species of yeast is extracted from the wild and domesticated to make it accessible to all bakers.

Is yeast good for health?

Yeast is rich in nutrients and potentially increases the effects of functional foods naturally.


Because it contains minerals, vitamins and amino acids, yeast has many benefits for health. Since these elements are vital for healthy body function, yeast plays a nutritional role in our diet.


For example, yeast and its derivatives are used in food supplements that supplement our diet, contributing to well-being and improved health.

What is instant dry yeast?

Instant dry yeast is a live and active baking yeast that’s highly popular among bakers due to its ease of use and long shelf life.


Carefully-controlled dehydration is carried out to keep yeast cells alive and maintain their high fermenting power.


Launched in 1973, Saf-instant™ was the first instant dry yeast in the market. Created to make life easier for bakers, the yeast is long-lasting and of premium quality.


Our instant dry yeast resembles tiny particles of vermicelli and comes vacuum-packed, offering many advantages:


  • It can be added directly into the dough mixer without being rehydrated.
  • The required amount is three times lower than that of pressed yeast.
  • The vacuum packaging promotes stable fermenting power and eliminates risk of external contamination.
  • The small, dehydrated vermicelli form combines performance and ease of use.

What are the benefits of Saf-instant™ yeast and what makes it different from the rest?

Saf-instant™ yeast is a high-performance yeast that guarantees superior fermenting power and optimum bread quality.


To get help, inspiration and advice from us, all you need to do is scan the QR code on the smart packaging!


Through a curated selection of articles, recipes and advice, we offer plenty of ideas and tips to help you in your baking.

How is Saf-instant™ yeast used?

Saf-instant™ yeast can be added directly into your flour.


The yeast disperses easily and is incorporated quickly and homogeneously into dough for optimal fermentation.


We recommend avoiding direct contact between the yeast and ice or iced water.

Is Saf-instant™ yeast suitable for all types of breadmaking?

Saf-instant™ yeast is recognised for its high regularity and stable fermenting power, adaptable to all types of bread-making for diverse bread-making processes across the world.


You can choose from different types of yeast depending on your type of bread:

  • Saf-instant™ Red yeast: specially developed for dough with little or no sugar where there is 0–10% sugar on flour weight
  • Saf-instant™ Gold yeast: recommended for sweet dough with 5% sugar or more on flour weight)
  • Saf-instant™ Blue yeast: specially developed for sweeter dough with more than 20% sugar on flour weight


Our domestic product range also offers yeasts for more specific recipes like brioche and pizza

Where can I find information about Saf-instant™ yeast?

You can find information on Saf-instant™ yeast by visiting saf-instant.asia or scanning the QR code on our product packaging


You can also find all our recipe ideas and product information on the Saf-instant™ mobile app (available for Android and iOS).

What is the shelf life of Saf-instant™ yeast?

Saf-instant™ yeast has a shelf life of 2 years from the date of manufacture unless otherwise specified.

How long can you keep Saf-instant™ yeast after opening?

Use the yeast within 48 hours after opening the bag. Alternatively, you can store the closed package in the fridge and use it within 8 days.

What is E491, used in the manufacture of yeast?

E491 is an emulsifier of plant origin (sorbitan monostearate) that’s used to protect yeast cells during the drying process.

Is Saf-instant™ yeast Halal-certified?

Saf-instant™ yeast is Halal certified.